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X-Change Art Project

Lima, peru

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X-Change Art Project is an independent platform created in 2014 for the promotion of Contemporary Art, by artists Ana Cecilia Farah, Rossana Lopez-Guerra, Mariana Riveros and Iliana Scheggia.

The objective is to combine individual and collaborative work, not only among the members of the group, but extend it to other guest artists. This leads to develop different types of artistic activities and to create opportunities of exchange, exhibition and promotion.

X-Change Art Project has addressed various topics that ranged from territory, -turned into a metaphor and represented through the body, the city, the subject, the macro and microcosm, identity and the concept of family-; as well as geometry, as the representation of abstract thinking and matter.



If you are interested in a piece, please inquire below.



x-change art project

629 Avenida Grau

lima, 15074





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