Aya Rodriguez-Izumi's Wish

For its first artist commission, PULSE360 brings Aya Rodriguez-Izumi's popular Wish performance and installation from PULSE Miami Beach 2017 to New York's Armory Week.

 A visitor takes part in Aya Rodriguez-Izumi's  Wish  at PULSE Miami Beach 2017.

A visitor takes part in Aya Rodriguez-Izumi's Wish at PULSE Miami Beach 2017.

Performance Dates
Friday, March 9: 4PM-6PM
Saturday, March 10: 1PM-3PM
Sunday, March 11: 1PM-3PM

Installation Dates
The installation will be visible from the street, daily, March 9 - March 22 from 10AM-6PM.

266 West 37th Street, NYC

For PULSE360's first artist commission, Aya Rodriguez-Izumi brings Wish to New York. The piece, which was first shown at PULSE Miami Beach 2017 as part of PROJECTS, engages the audience by asking them to write a wish on a wooden plaque. Wishes collected through various iterations of the work will be burned in a culminating performance, relieving participants of their wishes and destroying any evidence that the performance ever took place.   

Wish is an audience participation and installation piece based on the Japanese tradition of the Ema — a wooden wishing plaque onto which worshippers write prayers, wishes and gratitudes. After New Years during the festival Setsubun, such good luck charms from the previous year are ceremonially burned in the annual ritual Otakiage. The burning of the ema is a symbolic gesture that liberates the wish from it’s writer. In its sister ceremonies the donko-yaki that takes place during the same festival, the bonfire is used by the community to come together to cook and eat new years mochi.

For Wish, Rodriguez-Izumi will create an experience that references this communal ritualistic process in a quotidian manner. Visitors during performance times will be prompted to pen a wish, hope or dream they have for the future. How this simple prompt is interpreted will vary. These adorned plaques will be tied onto a wooden structure reminiscent of what would be found at a temple, creating an installation that changes and expands throughout the course of its exhibition. During the performance times the artist will be present, dressed in pink to signal that she is also part of the piece. Her goal is to facilitate communal communication with and between visitors, asking them what their wishes are and creating a constellation of dialogue. Later this year, the used wooden talismans will be burned outdoors, symbolically relieving the public of the burden of their longings with fire and smoke, elements of cleansing. Marshmallows will also be offered at this public bonfire. This makes the physical aspect of Wish a unique event, the remnant and evidence of this performance exists only through ash and experience.  

Wish is supported by Chashama and SVA Galleries