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Will Ramsay founded Ramsay Fairs in London, 1999, in the pursuit of democratizing the art world. PULSE Art Fair was one of his first initiatives to promote the importance of accessibility and education in the arts as he expanded his business internationally.

There is no longer a distinct “center” of the art world thanks to technological innovation and modernization, this dramatic shift in the borders of creativity and the way we communicate inspired Will to create PULSE Art Fair. Will’s response to this dynamic and ever-evolving environment, was to focus on engaging a myriad of art enthusiasts and collectors through engagement with contemporary art within a unique fair experience. PULSE Art Fair is not Will’s only support in elevating and supporting emerging art and artists, he also co-founded Asia’s leading art fair, the prestigious Art Hong Kong, which has since become Art Basel Hong Kong.

In 2019, PULSE Art Fair is celebrating 15 years in Miami, being one of the first fairs that helped to create what is now Miami Art Week, it has grown into more than just an art fair, it is committed to being a well-rounded creative experience which stimulates all of the senses in an energetic and balanced setting.

Will Ramsay at PULSE Art Fair 2010

Will Ramsay at PULSE Art Fair 2010

Will Ramsay with Miami Beach Mayor, Philip Levine.

Will Ramsay with Miami Beach Mayor, Philip Levine.

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