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David Lusk

Founder of David Lusk Gallery

David Lusk

David Lusk

give us a brief history of yourself and your gallery.

I grew up in walking distance of the Missouri State Fairgrounds.  That formed my life’s appreciation of all things flashy and fast and loud and fried.  I have a degree in English and Business and Media from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.  My single art history course, Medieval Architecture, has served me well in the 31 years I’ve been selling art and promoting artists in Tennessee.  I met my wife at an art fair 22 years ago, so these fairs have a warm spot in my heart.  We’re raising our two girls to appreciate art and artists, and post-opening clean-ups.

Can you tell us about one of the artists that you’re bringing to PULSE this year and why you’ve decided to present them at our fair?

Greely Myatt and I have worked together for 25 years.  He’s a long-time professor of art at the University of Memphis, he cleverly mixes found objects, exquisitely prepared wood or stone, metal and sometimes electricity to riff on art history or desert or commercialism.  And he’s a riotous story teller.  His animated but not electrified pieces that we’ll be showing at PULSE command attention and subtly invoke later Guston works.  He’ll be at the fair, so come on and shoot a beer with us.

David Lusk Gallery, Greely Myatt,  Notched , 2019, Alabaster, found wood, steel, 8 x16 x 4in.

David Lusk Gallery, Greely Myatt, Notched, 2019, Alabaster, found wood, steel, 8 x16 x 4in.

What attracted you to PULSE Art Fair and how do you see your gallery fitting into the Miami art scene?

I was part of the fairs the second year of Art Basel Week.  I’ve participated in numerous other fairs – some still in existence others extinct.  I like the smaller venues with intriguing art and projects, a laid-back vibe, and a collector base who wants to learn about what the dealers are showing.  I’m also from the art provinces and the PULSE dealers come from all over the US, so I dig the smorgasbord camaraderie.

David Lusk Gallery, Leslie Holt, Detail:  UNSPEAKABLE (HYSTERICAL ARCH AFTER BOURGEOIS) , 2019

David Lusk Gallery, Leslie Holt, Detail: UNSPEAKABLE (HYSTERICAL ARCH AFTER BOURGEOIS), 2019

Are there any topics in the contemporary art discourse and the art market that are of particular interest to you right now? Any trends you see coming?

I continue to be amazed and gratified that the market has boomed this long; may it continue.  That’s my conversation (prayer?) within my own head.  I think the difficulty of attracting and inciting younger generations to art is intriguing.  I firmly believe there will always be a desire to own something well-created that also imparts a message that affects a collector or appreciator.  What that is a generation of people steeped in social media but not letters and telephone conversations, or visually literate via computers but not museums and books is something I consider frequently

David Lusk Gallery, Greely Myatt,  Folly , 2018, Found wood, neon, electricity, 76 x 24 x30

David Lusk Gallery, Greely Myatt, Folly, 2018, Found wood, neon, electricity, 76 x 24 x30

What’s coming up next for your gallery?

I’ve got galleries in Memphis and Nashville.  We change shows 10 or so times a year.  Every week I’m in the midst of marketing an upcoming show, or installing a shot, or selling a current show.  Saturday in Nashville opens a solo show of David Onri Anderson’s new paintings, “Fragile as Fruit.”  Take a look online, the bananas and eggs that he’s picturing have a crazy, iconic, Pop, sense.  He’s 25, a recent graduate of Watkins College of Art, and already represented by a long-time LA dealer. 

In Memphis, the Hamlett Dobbins show is winding down.  Hamlett received the Rome Prize a couple of years ago.  His big paintings on canvas and tiny drawings on paper are a lesson in how to apply paint and energy to surface.  In the meantime, we’re trying to finish up a big new book to be published soon by the University of Arkansas Press about the work of the 20th century painter Carroll Cloar whose estate we represent. 

Miami is almost a break for me!


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