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Tainan City, Taiwan


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Opened in November 2013, 182 is an independently run Art Space in Tainan City. In the historical setting of “Rice Road”, a place famed for its numerous stories of ghost encounters, the 50 year old building has been lovingly converted into a bright, light and welcoming space for artists to show and discuss their work. This creative use of old space is what sets traditional cities like Tainan apart from modern Taipei, making the galleries here really something worth seeing.

182 was opened with the intention of giving young artists and curators a way to inexpensively show their work to the public. The shows usually run for 6 weeks and since opening have played host to a wide range of artistic genres including photography, installations, illustration and painting.


If you are interested in a piece, please inquire below.




No.182 Xinmei Street

Tainan 700





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